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New Play Control!, known in Japan as (Wiiであそぶセレクション, Wii de Asobu Selection) was a series of Nintendo GameCube games re-released for the Nintendo Wii. They were remade with Wii controls, and a 16:9 aspect ratio (instead of 4:3). Nintendo initially announced the Wii de Asobu Selection. When it was released as a Nintendo Selects title instead of a New Play Control! Title; Chibi-Robo! Jul 16, 2011 - [Wii] Chibi Robo (Wii de Asobu) [Wiiであそぶ ちびロボ!] (JPN) ISO Download. [Wii] Pikmin 2 Wii de Asobu [Wiiであそぶ ピクミン2] (JPN).

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WiiGenre: ActionAdventure
Rating: CERO: All Ages, ESRB: E10+, PEGI: 7+, CERO: A
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OverviewMeet Chibi-Robo, the best little care-taker money can buy. Race around the Sanderson household to create happiness within the household while making friends with toys.
The Wha!? rates this game: 5/5

Chibi Robo is a platform adventure game developed by Skip and published by Nintendo. The game was directed by Kenichi Nishi (Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, LOL: Lack of Love) and was produced by Nintendo deity Shigeru Miyamoto. It was released in 2006. Chibi Robo is a series of tiny mass produced robots who help people and act as maids and companions. The game starts in the Sanderson family's house where little Jenny Sanderson is having a small birthday party. On his daughter's birthday, the father of the house buys her a Chibi Robo model (more of a gift for him than for her), which upsets his wife due to the Chibi Robo's high price. The Sandersons are a loving family but a dysfunctional one. The father is unemployeed and constantly spends money on gadgits and toys (who among us can't relate). The mother is disappointed with her life. And the daughter acts like a frog (possibly to deal with depression). The Sanderson house is also filled with toys who wake up and go about their ways at night or when the Sandersons are away. The player takes the role of the Chibi Robo model of the house. Chibi cleans the house and cheers the Sanderson family up, and also befriends their toys and helps them with their dilemmas. Chibi only has limited battery life in the begining and frequently needs to recharge his power supply. The more the player helps around the house, the more Happy Points Chibi gets which will get him rewards from Chibi Robo HQ as well as bigger batteries. -----A lovely, funny, adorable game.

Maxxter66 rates this game: 4/5

Tthough it is too cute for me, it is a very enjoyable, and rewarding, puzzle-platformer.

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