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Download the desktop sync app for MEGA on Windows. You can sync files and folders using the desktop app MEGASync available for Windows. The site has nothing to do with this. The file has been downloaded to a (default) pre-set location, or wherever you have told Firefox to store it in a prompt. First try opening your downloads: Firefox Button > Downloads (pops up). In here should be a list of all your downloads. If this doesn't work. Mega Debrit is a free server transfer files from mega.nz that allows you to download files directly and at the best of your Internet speed with resume support. Mega Debrit using mega.nz api to download your reqested file on server then give you a direct link supported download resume and using IDM or other downloading programs. Where does MEGA download files? I can't find file. Please help me!! Slow Download speeds. 0 3 comments. Can’t open a.webm file. 1 2 comments. I dont know what to do with a string someone gave me. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. And subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Suddenly can't download anything. Every download gets stuck on.

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Where does MEGA keep it's download data? Takes up a ton of space for no reason.

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Whenever I download from Mega, I lose a TON of space on my Chromebook's SSD, even though I save the file to a 32 GB flash drive. I'm thinking that Mega is downloading the Data to a temporary place before it sends me the file. and that location still has the data stored and taking up space.

I can't even download from Mega anymore on my chromebook because of this. It will literally leave me with 50 MB, to 0 bytes.

Does anyone know where exactly Mega keeps it's temporary data? Clearing the browsing data via ctrl + H doesn't do anything (Having the default things checked in before cleaning)

What's more is that sometimes Mega will just STOP downloading and stay stuck on a percentage, which gets me aggravated when I make it far into a download.

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