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Extract media information from torrent-like filename

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A python port of Jānis' awesomelibrary written injavascript.

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Extract all possible media information present in filenames. Multiple regexrules are applied on filename string each of which extracts correpondinginformation from the filename. If a regex rule matches, the corresponding partis removed from the filename. In the end, the remaining part is taken as thetitle of the content.



Online APIs by providers likeTMDb,TVDb andOMDb don't react to well to searchqueries which include any kind of extra information. To get proper results fromthese APIs, only the title of the content should be provided as the searchquery where this library comes into play. The accuracy of the results can beimproved by passing in the year which can also be extracted using this library.

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PTN works well for both movies and TV episodes. All meaningful information isextracted and returned together in a dictionary. The text which could not beparsed is returned in the excess field.


TV episodes


PTN does not gaurantee the fields group, excess and episodeName as thesefields might be interchanged with each other. This shoudn't affect mostapplications since episode name can be fetched from an online databaseafter getting the season and episode number correctly.

Parts extracted

  • audio
  • codec
  • container
  • episode
  • episodeName
  • excess
  • extended
  • garbage
  • group
  • hardcoded
  • language
  • proper
  • quality
  • region
  • repack
  • resolution
  • season
  • title
  • website
  • widescreen
  • year



PTN can be installed automatically using easy_install or pip.

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Note that these commands might require sudo permission depending on whethera virtual environment is used or not.


First clone the repository.

The Martian 1080p Download

And run the command for installing the package.


Take a look at the openissues on the originalproject and submit a PR!


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