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Oct 20, 2014 - Releasing on G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Records, Taylor's VII is lead by the single. The deluxe edition on iTunes will receive as a free download. New Music from G.O.O.D Music’s first lady Teyana Taylor, her new debut album out tomorrow and you can download today here for free! Tracklist: 01. Outta My League (Interlude) 1:11 / Zippyshare / Sharebeast 02.

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Teyana Taylor Vii Album Free Download

  1. 01. Teyana Taylor - Outta My League Interlude
  2. 02. Teyana Taylor - Just Different
  3. 03. Teyana Taylor - Request
  4. 04. Teyana Taylor, Chris Brown - Do Not Disturb
  5. 05. Teyana Taylor, Fabolous - Broken Hearted Girl
  6. 06. Teyana Taylor - It Could Just Be Love Interlude
  7. 07. Teyana Taylor - Put Your Love On
  8. 08. Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, Yo Gotti - Maybe
  9. 09. Teyana Taylor - Dreams
  10. 10. Teyana Taylor - Sorry
  11. 11. Teyana Taylor - Business
  12. 12. Teyana Taylor - In The Air
  13. 13. Teyana Taylor - Outta My League
  14. 14. Teyana Taylor - It Could Just Be Love

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Kanye West books his talking part on “K.T.S.E.”
The wait is over, the planned G.O.O.D. Music rollout came to a close as soon as Teyana Taylor’s much anticipated K.T.S.E. album passed the cutting room floor. The final straw chosen, Teyana now considerably famished, after a coordinated effort with Kanye. Enough credit doesn’t go to artists with a coachable winning attitude, such as herself. As was the case on her last album VII, Teyana demonstrates a wide scope of musical knowledge, we barely knew she possessed.

“Hurry” interpolates the classic dancehall record “Murder She Wrote,” symbolic in itself of staging a comeback. Chaka Demus & Pliers were considered washed as solo artists before they made “Murder She Wrote” their calling card for years to come. Judging by her Caribbean ancestry, “Hurry” and songs of the like, which reference her/our shared musical heritage, ring true of self-resurrection.

“Hurry” marks the single moment on K.T.S.E. where Kanye West reveals himself to be Teyana’s musical muse. Their role play on the record sees Kanye refer to her as a “Bad Trinidadian,” and himself as the “Zaddy” figure she needs in her life, albeit on fictional lines. The Shumpert’s, although not on equal footing with Kim & Kanye, have become something of a power couple in the LA area.

How do you feel about “Hurry?”

Quotable Lyrics:

Bad Trinidadian, need to let daddy in
If I need to spend some cash fuck it then I’m zaddy then
She in love with a man she can’t be with
But she know that pussy gone leave him seasick
Every time she round she get treated like the sidekick
Until that side chick went and got some side dick
Sunkist princess, gold toe ring
Smacker lip gloss, backside swole thing


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