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The Guide to Spaceghostpurrp

Spaceghostpurrp is a rapper/producer from Miami, Florida. He's also the leader of a dope group called Raider Klan. You might know him for collaborating with ASAP Rocky on his mixtape on the songs Keep It G and Purple Swag pt 2. Although the beef's cooled down a bit lately, it doesn't look like they'll be collaborating again any time soon. SGP is one of my favorite artists and I think more people ought to check him out. You're probably not going to be blown away with his lyrics, but the production and unique style more than makes up for it and IMO, his rapping goes well with it.

NASA: The Mixtape (2010)
This was his first project and it got him a small amount of internet buzz. The opening track sets the bar pretty fucking high for the rest of the album. Some great raw beats on this that really bang, there's a recurring theme on each of his tapes where he samples the same few sound effects throughout (apparently these are from some space-y pinball game). He shows off his unique style and SGP trademarks (lofi production, rapping about strippers, getting fucked up) on this that you'll probably either love, or hate. Overall, one of my favorite projects by him.

Standout tracks:

Blackland Radio 66.6 (2011) Most of the Purrp fans that I know say this is their favorite. There's a good reason for that too, some of his best songs and beats came from this. It's a huge homage to the old school Memphis style and Miami that your everyday listener knows him for. A good mix of lofi bangers and scary shit on this tape. This, along with the A$AP songs shortly after this was released, is what brought him to the attention of most.

Standout tracks:

God of Black EP (2012)
This tape is mostly a showcase for Raider Klan and its affiliates with only 6 original SGP songs and one remix. The song Tha Black God is a surprisingly mature song from SGP (even if he does have a couple lines about women's feet) Solid tape.

Standout tracks:

Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of Spaceghostpurrp (2012)
His first studio album! And surprisingly released under the British indie label 4AD. Almost all of the tracks on this album are re-recorded and remastered songs from Blackland Radio and God of Black with higher production value. Despite that, this is absolutely worth a listen and it's arguably his best project.

Standout tracks:

B.M.W. (Black Man's Wealth) (2012)
A great mixtape follow up to Mysterious Phonk. Pretty crazy to think this was his third project of that year. He really comes into his own on this tape style-wise, it's more developed than Blackland Radio (which was made to show his love of the 90's underground sound of the south)

Raider klan clothing

Standout tracks:

Misc. Projects:

NASA Underground: Lost Tapes Three part series released in 2010/11. Lots of chopped and screwed and lo fi songs in the vain of the NASA mixtape for you to listen to if you need more Purrp.

Purrped and Chopped
Songs from other artists from all eras chopped and screwed by Spaceghostpurrp.

Clvb Nvzv 1995: Purrped & Chopped
More chopped and screwed. I think there might be some original production or two as well.

Nate Dogg: Purpped & Chopped
Chopped and screwed Nate Dogg songs. My favorite chopped and screwed tape by him.

Raider Klan Mixtape

Best of S.G.P.: Sizzurp Tape
A whole bunch of SGP tracks chopped and screwed by himself.

The Winter's Mine (Instrumental Mixtape)
A great instrumental tape definitely worth your listen. This is his most recent release. This honestly has a couple of his best beats that he's ever made that makes me super excited for the future.

Raider Klan - Tales From the Underground
Released last year, this is his group Raider Klan's first album. I was a bit underwhelmed with the amount of SGP on it. Still really good and worth a listen, however.

Spaceghostpurrp & Kash Nova - 7 Cities X Blackland
Not even sure if this is an official release. It's six original songs with SGP rapping over beats by frequent Raider Klan collaborator Kash Nova.

Best loose songs not on any tapes:
FGAll Bout Clout
Black Money World

That's it. I hope I turned some of you guys into fans. His next mixtape B.M.W. II is dropping this year. Also, I'll probably make a guide to Raider Klan next.

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