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Racing Stripes Full Movie Free Download Free

  • Part earnest, old-fashioned melodrama, part wisecracking broad comedy, Racing Stripes is a film divided against itself.
  • A predictable but pleasant kids movie.
  • Almost everyone in this has done better, and those who haven't, like young Ms. Panettiere, have plenty of time to do so.
  • There's much to laud in Racing Stripes.
  • Bland but likable kids' movie.
  • San Francisco Chronicle

    14/01/2005 by Carla Meyer

  • It stumbles right out of the gate.
  • The humor never rises very far above the barnyard.
  • New York Daily News

    14/01/2005 by Elizabeth Weitzman

    The special effects here are surprisingly smooth, and everyone seems to be having fun.
  • A hackneyed mix of sentimentality and anarchic comedy.
  • Even by the dubious standards of talking animal movies, this one is routine.
  • Racing Stripes is hardly a Triple Crown winner. But for a Saturday afternoon with the kids, it's a safe bet.
  • This is the kind of movie you might grab at the video store, but it's not worth the trip to the theater.
  • Simultaneously overplotted and simplistic, the new barnyard/racecourse comedy from Warner Brothers is predictable every step of the way, and it contains at least three too many poop jokes.
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

    14/01/2005 by Scott Von Doviak

    A veritable barnyard full of guest celebrity voices, doing their best to liven up a mediocre Babe wannabe.
  • Should delight youngsters, although parents likely will find it is sentimental in the extreme, with a plot that telegraphs every development.
  • Although this film about a zebra who aspires to win horse races has a marvelous premise, it slows to a mediocre canter right out of the starting gate.
  • Racing Stripes is unlikely to ascend to the pantheon of perennially watchable children's films, but like its hero, what it lacks in skill, it makes up for in heart.
  • Setting up a race in which you root for the misfit is the 'oldest trick in the book,' to quote a phrase Tucker the horse likes to use in Racing Stripes. But as Tucker adds: 'Works every time.' That it does.
  • It's all familiar and unsurprising, but not without its modest pleasures.