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Ahoy, matey! Here be booty galore! They may not be gold doubloons, but these collections of free pirate-themed clip art and fonts are still a treasure. You can use them to create and print decorations for the galley, or whip up humorously bone-chilling invitations to a pirate soiree. If party guests misbehave, you can make them walk the plank.

Of course, you're not limited to using these images and fonts for Talk Like a Pirate Day. A pirate-themed birthday party can be great fun for kids (adults, too).

To download an image to your Mac, right-click the image and select Save Image As from the pop-up menu. You can save the images in your Downloads folder or in the location of your choice.

Stop searching! We present to you a selection of 48 interesting and top Pirate Images Free collection. On our site with the button 'search' you will find other great free clip arts. You can use Pirate Images Free images for your website, blog, or share them on social networks.

Most of these images and fonts are free for personal use, but be sure to read the licensing agreement, copyright information, or terms of use before you download and use any images or fonts.

Clipart can be used in any graphics app you may have on your Mac including Pages, the word processor and page layout app from Apple.

Free Pirate Themed Clip Art

My Cute Graphics: Pirate Clip Art

The Pirate Clip Art collection from My Cute Graphics is designed especially for kids. Images include boy and girl pirates, some with a parrot on their shoulder, some without. The pirates wear the tricorn of a captain or the knotted headscarf of a first mate. Other images include a variety of parrots, Jolly Rogers, skulls and crossbones, treasure chests full of gold doubloons, pirate ships under full sail, treasure maps, cutlasses, and telescopes.

Most images are available in both full-color and black-and-white versions that are suitable for printing and coloring with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Images are in PNG format, which is compatible with most desktop publishing and word processing applications.

Webweaver: Free Pirate Clip Art and Animated Gifs

Webweaver has a colorful assortment of clip art and animated gifs to choose from, ranging from mildly amusing to slightly sinister. Each page of images is sorted by categories, such as pirates, skulls and crossbones, flags, treasure, and pirate ships.

If you haven’t used animated gifs before, it’s really quite easy. Right-click the image and select Save Image As from the pop-up menu. You can save the gif in your Downloads folder or in the location of your choice. To use the animated image on a website, just upload it to your site the same way you would upload a standard image.

The Graphics Fairy: Pirates

The Graphics Fairy website has an almost endless collection of vintage clipart, with a wide variety of styles and subject matter. In the Pirates category, we especially liked this stern-looking pirate wearing a gold hoop earring and a hat adorned with a skull and crossbones. There’s also a vintage image of a pirate ship; it may even be his ship. We weren’t quite brave enough to ask.

But the Graphic Fairy has much more pirate related images, including parrots, beer steins for those thirsty pirates, and quite a bit more. You can start your search in the vintage images category.

dafont.com: Pirates Two Font

The Pirates Two font from Intellecta Design is a collection of skull and crossbones dingbats, as well as anchors and other nautical symbols. Pirates Two is free for personal use.

You will also find a few additional pirate themed font collections, some that are free for personal use, and others that require a donation to use.​

Openclipart: Pirates

The Openclipart website is a library of clip art from more than 100,000 artists. The pirate-themed images include treasure maps, treasure chests, pirate ships, Jolly Rogers, animal pirates, skulls and crossbones, and, of course, pirates.

The collection includes black-and-white and color images. All images are in PNG format, which is compatible with most desktop publishing and word processing applications.

dafont.com: Pieces of Eight Font

Pieces of Eight by Steve Ferrera is a vintage font reminiscent of the font used in the promotional posters, ads, and movie titles for the Disney series of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies. The letters are all upper case, but the font also includes numbers, special characters, and some pirate-themed dingbats, including a Jolly Roger, skull and crossbones, cutlasses, and hooks (as in Captain Hook).

The Pieces of Eight Font adds a touch of character to any pirate party invitation.

FontSpace: Treasure Map Deadhand Font

Ever wanted to create your very own treasure map? Well, grab some parchment paper, install the Treasure Map Deadhand font from GemFonts, and you can make a map that’s as straightforward or twisty as you like. This is a great way to set up a treasure hunt for a birthday party or other event. All you have to do is figure out what to use for the treasure and where to bury it.

Don't worry if your not the most creative of map makers, the Treasure Map Deadhand Font includes the usual font characters for creating signs, labels, and invitations.

Pirate Clip Art Free Printable

Pirate clip art free images

Pirate Clip Art Free Download

The Treasure Map Deadhand font is free for personal use. Contact the designer for information about commercial use.