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With latest mobile gadget technology, now you can easily watch video, movie or music clip. Mobdro is trying to make that even more accessible. This application has a function to help you to find and watch an online streaming video, online program shows and TV shows from all over the world, for free.

App Name:Mobdro
Latest Update:April 20, 2018
Download Size:33 MB
Operating System:Android
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.2 +
Category:Video Streaming, Entertainment, Online TV
Features:Stream high quality / HD video of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, musics, etc

How Mobdro Looks Like

  • Mobdro Smart TV version works perfectly on every Smart TV whether it is on Sony or Samsung too. Mobdro on Smart TV is a brilliant option for watching videos on a wider screen with good sound. Download Mobdro For Smart TV Devices. Go for the newer version of Mobdro Smart App to avoid any inconvenience while playing any videos.
  • Mobdro apk will now download to your Smart TV. To install it, choose package installer. Otherwise, you can download ES File Explorer directly from the Google Play Store. Once you install Mobdro, the app will be added to your app list, and it will be ready to use.
  • Mobdro Smart TV is an amazing application that allows the user to stream live TV for free. You can also watch movies and videos in different languages.
  • Nov 25, 2017  With Mobdro on Smart TV, users will have access to latest movies, TV channels, programs, music, sports, games, and all sorts of other entertainment media. The process of installing Mobdro TV for your device is really simple.

Best Way to Install Mobdro for Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Android Fire TV) If you enjoy watching TV shows, series, and movies, and this is one of your favorite hobbies, then Mobdro for Smart TV is your go to getter.

The first thing we notice is the appearance of this application. By using red maroon as its primary color theme, the interface is basically easy to operate. The button for each menu you can use is placed in the location you can easy to notice, plus easy to click and choose.

When you choose one of the categories, you also will end up on the page where the list of videos you can stream online. On this page, you just need to choose the video that you want to watch. Plus, you also can use the three dots menu beside the video to use other features, such as bookmark or such.

The red color also is changeable. If you don’t like it, just go to setting menu, and you can change its appearance with color that you like. Basically, the Mobdro’s appearance is adjustable. You have the freedom to make it looks like what you want.

Main Video Feature in Mobdro

Mobdro apk for smart tv download

The video you can watch is divided into several different categories. For example, you can watch news video, scary video and other types of video. The exciting part is you won’t know what kind of video that you will be able to watch using this app. When you choose categories, Mobdro will search and find the video that matches those categories and present it to you.

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So, how can we follow some of TV show episode, if it was randomly chosen like that? You can use the search bar to find the name of the TV show that you want to watch. Then, Mobdro will discover its episode for you, which you can watch for free. And, to make everything easier, when you want to watch it again in the future, you can bookmark the video.

Mobdro For Smart Tv Download Windows 7

Categorizing Video Easily with Mobdro

Mobdro also has good filtering feature. You can quickly set many different filters when you want to try to find the video you want to watch. You can use language filter, so you can find the video with language that you understand, even though its random video finding feature. Or, you also can use the genre to filter the video searching, which will result in the genre that you like.

Mobdro also can use your preferring genre, to give you video recommendation you can watch. If you are too lazy to search video that you want to watch, this feature will help you a lot. And, you also can use this filtering method to organize the video that you watch. That way, you can easily watch it again in the future, if you want it.

The other good thing about the category in Mobdro is you also can watch many different TV channels easily. You can find this category button on its interface, so you just need to choose it to find channels that you like. Once you choose the channel, you will find many different shows from that TV channels. Then, just choose the show, and it’s free.

Watch Video For Free with Modro

One of the problems, when you use other video apps, is the complicated way to search free to watch the video. Modro solves that problem because all videos you can watch in this app are free. You don’t need to worry about paying for subscription or such. More than that, all videos you can watch here came from the legal source, so you can have ease in your mind when you watch it.

The free to watch the video also make you can watch it anytime you want. You also don’t need to worry about limit or such, because you can watch it as long as you want.

Watching HD Video with Mobdro

All videos you can watch through Mobdro are available in HD format. So, you can watch one of best quality format video available today. Unfortunately, you can’t watch the video for free with the best format today, which is the 4K format. We see it as one of the flaws of Mobdro that its developer needs to deal with for future version.

To make you more satisfied when you watch video on Mobdro, this app also compatible with Chromecast. Therefore, you can connect your gadget with Chromecast, and watch the free video from Mobdro on the bigger screen of your TV. But, the problem is it’s only available in HD format. Most of latest TV today has 4K resolution, so you may expect that you can only watch it with lower image quality than usual.

You also can connect your gadget and this app with Smart TV. And, with that system, you can access Mobdro and use it in a different way through your TV. That will make you more comfortable to watch the online video from your TV.

More than that, Mobdro also can be used to access online video from Amazon Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX. Just download it on your Kindle Fire, and you can use it as usual. Just make sure, you choose the Mobdro APK that is specially modified for Kindle Fire.

Is Mobdro Free or Paid Application?

Mobdro is available in two different versions. You can get the free version, or we can call it as Freemium because it has most of the essential features of Mobdro. However, the Freemium version is still using ads. But, we think this is a good choice, especially for you who want to stream online for free.

On the other hand, the paid version or Premium version has more features. First, this version is ads-free. Therefore, when you watch or use this app, you won’t be bothered by ads and can enjoy it to the fullest.

The other feature on Premium version is the download feature. With download feature on Premium version, you can download the video, TV series or other show that you like. Then, you can watch it offline any time you want it. Both Freemium and Premium version also has a feature where you are allowed to share the video that you like with your friend.

Mobdro for Android, iOS, and PC

Mobdro app now is available for Android. You just need to find it in here. When you download and install this application, you will get the Freemium version, which means you don’t need to buy or pay for your first download. Then, if you want to get the Premium version, you can use the buy feature on the Freemium version.

Mobdro For Smart Tv Download Windows 10

How about iOS version? Currently, the developer hasn’t released the Mobdro for iOS. However, you can find many Mobdro APK on the internet that you can install on your iOS gadget. Just make sure you download APK from the trusted source so that you won’t get the problem later with virus or malware.

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One other important thing that you need to notice is your Android OS. Mobdro is only compatible with at least Android 4.1 version. If your mobile gadget uses lower version Android, you will get Mobdro Parse Error message, and you can’t use it.

How about for you who are using PC? Unfortunately, Mobdro isn’t available for PC. Yes, you still can use this application on your PC, but you must use other application to emulate Android or iOS on your PC. One of the applications that you can use is BlueStack that you also can use it for upgrading your emulated Mobdro on PC into the Premium version.

How to Install Mobdro on PC and Upgrade It to Premium Version

For you who are preferred to use PC to watch or stream online video for free, here are guides how to install Mobdro on your PC:

  1. First, you need to install Android emulator on your PC. You can use BlueStack app version 3 for better function.
  2. Find and download the APK file of the latest version of Mobdro in here.
  3. Copy the file to your PC. Make one folder, so you can easily find it.
  4. Run BlueStack.
  5. On BlueStack interface, you will find several different menus. Choose “My Apps” menu.
  6. Choose “Choose APK” option.
  7. Locate the Mobdro APK file and choose the file to start the installation.
  8. Wait until it’s finished downloading the Mobdro app and install it on your PC.
  9. After completed, return to Homepage of BlueStack. At there, you will find Mobdro icon.
  10. Click the Mobdro icon to open it.
  11. Now you can use it for online stream video.

To upgrade this Freemium Mobdro from your PC, you can do it like what you usually do on Mobdro for the mobile gadget. Open the Mobdro menu and choose “Go Premium.” Follow the instruction until the end to download the Premium version and sign up for the subscription. You can use PayPal to pay it from your PC.

Which Type Do You Want to Use?

From what we explained above, you can only find Mobdro for Android, iOS or with little bit tweaking; you can also use it on PC. However, there are many different types of Mobdro according to the channel or video service that connected through it. So, here are some of those types, which you can choose.

Just like its name, with this app version, you can easily use Kodi service through Mobdro. You can choose many different TV shows, music video or LIVE shows that you can get from Kodi.
This version is for you who want to enjoy the more than 4000 TV channels and TV episodes, as well as movie and other with Amazon Firestick TV. The best of all, you also can use Mobdro to capture, search, put a bookmark on the video that you choose and of course, share it the content from this service.
For sports lover who want to watch sports match anytime you want, you can also use Mobdro Sports TV. With this app, you can access many different sports channels, like ESPN, Sky Sports and other.

You can find APK file for each of those types. Basically, those APK files are similar to the standard Mobdro application. But, those APK files are modified, so you can easily find the video in that categories. You still can use the standard version; however, maybe you will need more times to find and filtering the video, so it matches with that type.


The Most Important Thing that You Must Remember When You Use Modbro

Download mobdro for lg smart tv

Although Modbro doesn’t have 4K feature, the first important thing you must have is the stable internet connection. Some of the user experience buffering when they use this app because they have a slow internet connection. So, you can’t blame it on this app only.
The other thing you need to have is enough space on your gadget. It is essential, especially for you who love to download all videos that you watch using Mobdro, to watch later.

Mobdro Pros & Cons

  • Free to download and use.
  • Good filtering feature, where you can easily find any movie or video that you like.
  • Bookmark feature.
  • HD video format.
  • Download video online for free.
  • Many accessible channels, such as sports channel, Kodi and other.
  • Chromecast feature for you who want to watch it on the bigger TV screen.
  • Android 4.1 and higher compatible.
  • Share the video with your friend.
  • Compatible with BlueStack for PC user.
  • Doesn’t support 4K video format.
  • No official iOS version.
  • Ads little bit disturbing, when it shows up in the middle when you watch the video.


Overall, Mobdro is one of the best alternatives, if you want different video app. The interface has good design, so you can easily use it and choose any feature in it. More than that, it also can be used to access many channels freely.

The big flaw is the 4K that it hasn’t supported. We would love to wait and see if Mobdro’s developer will add this feature in the near future, so we can really get the maximum pleasure when we watch online video. But, we can say that Mobdro application is very satisfying and can give you what you want.


What can you achieve if your phone or laptop get Mobdro Lastest Version app? A wide range of movies, lots of varied channels especially free service are ready to meet your needs for relaxation. It is truly an outstanding app immersing users in deep entertainment anywhere and anytime.

While always sitting or lying down in front of the TV and watch TV programs, have you ever got a sense of boredom? It is high time to replace this repetitive scene with some more captivating places like the garden or the beach. Just make sure that the internet access and your Android phone are always in good condition, Mobdro app will provide you with all your favorite TV programs.

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Main Traits of Mobdro

Don’t worry about dealing with tedium when you use the app because the content will be regularly updated. Just open the app, the world of new programs is waiting for your exploration. Besides, the old content is still available if users want to look for it.

The app allows users to enjoy many different types of program and channels. For instance, with a wide range of favored channels such as BBC News, FOX, TNT HD,…and many others, you can search for your beloved programs from News, Documentaries to many kinds of movies.

Using 4G 3G or wifi is not a big issue to the app because it doesn’t account for much data bandwidth.

The app doesn’t constrain your view of content on the screen because of its support to Chromecast. The only thing you have to do is connect your Android device to the Chromecast and then enjoy your prime time with a big screen.

It is designed with a Bookmark feature that enables users to create a list of your desired programs. On the Home Page of the app, you can find all the programs you watched before, which ease the navigation.

The notifications from the app will often remind you of updated channels and programs. Therefore, just rest assured that you never skip any program.

The app with the history feature in the Settings permits you to play programs again. It also offers two options: “Keep the history” or “Remove the History”. Additionally, with “Sorting” the content, the app offers users 4 different ways to categorize the list .

Moreover, Parental Filter is also a significant feature because it prevents your grown-up children misusing the app.

The developer of the app will assist you immediately if you’re in troubles and they also realize unusual things thanking to Help feature.

All of your beloved programs will always available due to a Search feature. You will obtain quick research results below by using the search bar.

Mobdro For Lg Smart Tv

The app facilitates your usage by offering multiple languages. You can get up to 12 choices of the language of the world in the app.

Mobdro For Smart Tv Download

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Steps for getting Mobdro on Smart TV, FireStick & Android Box

There is a compatibility between the Mobdro app and Android 4.1 as well as other related apps above. Therefore, you just using “ Download for Android” to download it.

First, you open the “Lock Screen and Security” category in the Settings of your phone and then you will guarantee that the installation is successful by qualifying the “Unknown Sources” option. If this option is not enabled, the app won’t be installed by the system apart from the Google Play Store.

The next step is to start the Downloads section, tap the Mobdro app file and select “Install” option. The “Permissions” page appears before the system proceeds with the installation, there. Just tap “Continue” to give your approval to keep going.

These are very simple steps! When the process of installation is put to an end, you tap the option “Open” appearing at the bottom to launch the app.

Steps for getting Mobdro on Windows PC

The app is mainly designed for Android users. However, if you own a Windows PC/laptop, you can still use this app by installing an Android Emulator.

Let’s take a closer look at the information of Android Emulator. Games on your Windows PC/laptop and the Android apps and are run on it. The task of Android Emulator is to make the apps work smoothly by transiting the Windows platform into an Android-like platform.

Instead of Android Emulators, we can use ARC Welder and Bluestacks used as a Google Chrome annex. If you are a Google Chrome user, you should attain it. The best way for the users of Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer is getting Bluestacks for your lap.

Download Bluestacks from Here.

To start the installation, click the download link. Once it is over, tap the “Open” option at the bottom of the page to launch the app.

Download “Mobdro app” in the PC while remaining in the app and then you drag and drop the app file into the Bluestacks Home Page in the Downloads sections of the PC/laptop.

Mobdro For Smart Tv Download Pc

The app drawer will contain the Mobdro app. You click the Mobdro app and wait for 30 seconds and then click the option “Open” to begin the app when the installation is finished.

Note:You should download a VPN app when no channel is shown on the Home Page. Just visit Google Play Store and get it free. After finishing all process, let’s join in the time of recreation with the Mobdro Latest Version.

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