Mercruiser Serial Number Identification

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  2. Mercruiser Engine Serial Number Identification

Mercruiser serial number lookup. As I read it the serial no. For model year 2003 starts with 0M365640 for 4.3 MPI Alpha One models and 0M365680 for Bravo models. Model year 2004 starts with 0M656797 for 4.3 MPI Alpha One models and 0M655926 for Bravo models. (very common and one of the best blocks Mercury has ever made. The serial starting with G200 means it was made in 1995. For the rest of it, you need the model number of the data tag. The first 3 numbers of the model number will be the engines horsepower. So the model number will start with 150, 175, or 200.

The Mercury/MerCruiser engine model can be determined by examining the last two or three letters of the engine code. The engine code (also known as the identification/serial number) is typically located on the front top face (slightly to the left) of the engine. This code is stamped on all Mercury MerCruiser power packages and replacement partial engines, but not replacement engine block assemblies.

If the motor serial number and/or model decals are missing or removed, the engine code letters will provide a clue in determining the engine model. The following information is a list of Mercury MerCruiser motors and their respective GM code letters.
  • 5.0L MPI Alpha and Bravo - 2ZB
  • 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo - 2MN
  • 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo Horizon - 2MN
  • MX 6.2 MPI - 2MNB
  • MX 6.2 MPI Horizon - 2MNB

Mercruiser Sterndrive Serial Number Lookup

  • 350 MAG MPI Inboard - 2ML
  • 350 MAG MPI Horizon Inboard - 2ML
  • MX 6.2 MPI Inboard - 2MLB
  • MX 6.2 MPI Horizon Inboard - 2MLB
  • 350 MAG MPI Tow Sports - 2MN

MerCruiser application: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Mercury MerCruiser 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.2L MPI Gasoline Fuel Injection Engine, 5.0L MPI, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo Horizon, 6.2 MPI, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon, Inboard and Tow Sports (MIE), 350 MAG MPI Inboard, 350 MAG MPI Horizon Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon Inboard and 350 MAG MPI Tow Sports.
Mercruiser serial number identification
MerCruiser Serial Number Identification
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Mercruiser Engine Serial Number Identification