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May 29, 2013  Steam console is a text based input and output interface used to execute commands. You can access console on your steam client. Step #1 - Right Click on Desktop Shortcut and Select Properties. Open Steam console: steam://open/console; Enter download_depot 620 323180 (620 is Portal 2's appid, and 323180 is soundtrack's appid) Wait for it to download. There will be a message when the download is complete, with a path where you can find downloaded content, something like Steam steamapps content app_620 depot_323180.

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Steam is an online service that allows you to download video games for personal computers. These are games which are normally only purchasable in stores, but Steam allows you to acquire them directly, as well as to join an online community of players with the same game. Buying and downloading games is quite simple once you have a Steam account.

Create a Steam account from the official website, and download the official Steam client (see Resources below).


Search for the game you want to purchase. Most can be found by title, but you can also locate games that are similar to those you already enjoy by clicking on the 'Browse Games' options at the left of the Steam client.

Click on 'Add Game' once you have found a game you want to purchase. This will take you to the checkout screen.

Insert your preferred payment method if you have not done so already. Note that Steam allows you to use PayPal as well as credit cards, so you have a variety of payment options available. Click 'Purchase' when done.

Go to the 'Downloads' tab on the Steam client. Right-click on the game to see your options. You can start and stop the download pause it at any point, and even download deleted games you've purchased previously. Note that once you buy a game through Steam, you can download it as many times as you want in the future in case you delete it or buy a new computer.


Check the 'Downloads' tab periodically to see if there are any updates to your purchased games. You can download any updates or patches for free.

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One of the many unsung features of the Steam desktop gaming client is that family members and friends can use it to simulate a shared gaming console. I’m not talking hardware here, but the ability for everyone to play the same games regardless of whether they plunked down $60 for the right to play it.

The feature is called Steam Family Library Sharing, and when it’s set up it allows you to share games from your account library with family members and vice versa. Before you get started, every account that wants to use family sharing must first have Steam Guard enabled, which is Steam’s two-factor verification security feature.

Once you’ve met that prerequisite, click on Steam > Settings, and when the Settings window opens select Family from the left-hand navigation column. Under the sub-heading Family Library Sharing click the box next to Authorize Library Sharing on this computer.

If there are any other local Steam accounts on that computer, you’ll be able to authorize those users to play the games in your library. You can also send a request to other local players to have access to their libraries.

For those of you without other local accounts on your PC, try it with friends. When someone you want to share with comes over, log out of Steam and have them log in. They can then enable sharing on your PC and authorize your account to play their games.

While games can be shared, progress, achievements, and in-game purchases (excluding DLC) cannot. Any in-game activities are saved to the account playing the game, not the game owner’s account.

Steam limits users to share their libraries with up to five others and on a maximum of 10 devices at one time. Family sharing cannot be used to allow access to specific games—it’s the entire library or nothing.

How To Download Games On Computer

Other people can only play your games when you aren’t using them. If you start to play one of your shared games at the same time as someone else, the other person will be given a few moments to save their progress and get out or to buy the game themselves.

How To Download Game Steam With Console Games

Not all games are available for sharing due to technical limitations, regional restrictions, subscription requirements, and the like. Also keep in mind that you don’t want to share you library with anyone who’s got a fishy reputation. Valve is merciless when it comes to cheats. If someone uses your account to cheat at a game protected by the Valve Anti-Cheat system, and gets caught, your Family Library Sharing privileges could be revoked and you might get banned from playing that game altogether.

Even with all the caveats, Steam’s Family Sharing is a great way to expand your library without tapping your bank account.

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