Genesis Mx 900 Editor Software Download

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Genesis Mx 900 Editor Software Download

View and Download Universal Remote Control URC Professional Line MX900 owner's manual online. Universal Remote Control Universal Remote Owners Manual MX900. URC Professional Line MX900 Remote Control pdf manual download. Also for: Genesis mx-900 complete control. The screen displays custom-programmed labels for six adjacent buttons. When used with a compatible Complete Control base station, the MX-900 controls integrated A/V components through walls and cabinet doors, or even from outside. There is no need to point the remote control at the components or even be in the same room.

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My MX900 just started acting up. I have a simple activity that is called 'watch DVD' that does what you expect, turns everything on and sets the inputs. Except for one thing, it recently started chosing the wrong input on my Outlaw receiver. It used to choose DVD, now it chooses CD. I don't know what happened...I know I didn't change anything.
My MX900 is fully programmed but I need to change one input setting but I can't seem to find my original set-up disc. I thought you used to be able to download the software but I can't find it anywhere.
Assuming someone has it and can point me in the right direction....Can I take my currently loaded program and upload it from the remote to the editor and make the one change without having to start over?
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Mx 900 Editor Software Download

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Yes, you can upload your current configuration to the editor, make changes, save, and then download your new configuration.
If your not very familiar with the software, I recommend you first save your upload before you do anything. Do what you need to do, then save again using a different save file. In the event you make a mistake, you can always go back to what you had before you started.
If you purchased your remote from a authorized dealer, you can download the software from the URC website. You will just need to register first and have your MX900 serial number ready (located behind the battery I believe).
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Sorry to be posting after such a long period of time... but I just recently bought an mx900 from someone on craigslist and the guy didnt have anything besides the cable. I tried to register the controller at the URC website but I dont have a registration code and I am unsure as to where I can get one. Can anyone help?
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Reviving an oldie but I'm hoping someone can help me out here, I was given one of these MX-900 remotes when I worked for Pioneer and was given an acct with URC at the same time. Alas my account is now as lost as my employment with Pioneer and so too is my ability to get the editor to make changes to my remote setup, I had it installed on a laptop so was good for a while, but the hard drive went last week and I have been unable to extract a working copy from it.
Help a former Pioneer Rep out, all I need is that little program.
Thanks everybody.
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