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Nov 21, 2018 - Dokapon Kingdom is a Role-playing video games for the Nintendo WII. WII ISO Also Playable on PC with Dolphin Emulator. Download the game Dokapon Kingdom USA ISO for Nintendo Wii. Free and instant download.

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Kinda tutorial on how to play Dokapon with your friends online

Heyo guys! Just from the first episode of GG playing Dokapon i just had the feeling i had to play that game. However being a Wii game and local only i had some trouble getting it to work as i wanted to, and by trouble i mean troubleshooting for about 8 hours. Heh.


After noticing there are absolutely no guides on how to make it work i decided that maybe one of you guys here had just my same idea. So skip the chitty chat and off we go.

First of all you'll need the game itself, which you can find here I'm not happy with having to pirate it, however it seems to be the only way to play it online... Buy the game first if possible.

Then you'll want an emulator to play it, the tricky part is that you needed a specific version to make it run ._. Dolphin Emulator 3.5-1798 will do.

  • Make sure your friends get the same version

Download and extract everything and we're almost good to go.

As soon as dolphin opens under the bar with the various tools there should be a 'no games found' bar, click on it and direct it towards the folder that contains the .iso of Dokapon. you should get a screen like this now. Maybe without Mario party but you get the point.

Dokapon Kingdom Rom Ps2

NOW, if you wanted to play alone / locally with a friend you're kinda done, really, however to play online you'll need to do some more fiddling, i suggest setting it up ready for netplay in any case (as it kinda helps your performance overall).

There are some simple things you have to do:

  • Into the 'Config' section of Dolphin you need to disable dual core processing

  • Into the 'Wiimote' section make sure both you and your friend enabled the same amount of emulated wiimote, EX: if you're 2 make sure both of you have wiimote 1 and wiimote 2 enabled and 3 and 4 on none, such as this

  • Right click onto Dokapon from the main Dolphin Menu and go into proprieties, i could explain a lot of things that you probably don't care for or i could just send you this and say copy paste my settings. ^

You should be done with step 2, now all you have to do is start netplay, make sure your port is open and once everyone is in the lobby you'll have to do some more fiddling. I know, i know, annoying, however Dolphin is so very sensitive with netplay that only a small issue could cause the entire game not to work.

This is kinda hard to explain now... so, let's say i'm playing the game with 1 friend, that makes the 2 of us. You want to give to the host (in this case me) 2 wiimotes, every pad except the second one, that goes to my friend. Kinda like this ._.

you can see after my name there's 1-3412-- while my friend is -2------

Dokapon Kingdom Dolphin Download

If you were 3 you'd have to all set up 3 emulated wiimotes on the main menu, you'd have 1--4123- friend 1: -2------ friend 3: --3----- n so on.

You'll get a 'dolphin has desynced' message but press ok and continue, do some checks if you're synced or not with what you and your friends see.

TAKE NOTE if you play with 1 friend, save the game and then play with another you'll be desynced. you'll have to send him your save file which you can find when you right click on Dokapon.

That should be all, lemme know if stuff worked out or not in the comments i'll try to help out as much as i can. :D

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Dokapon Kingdom Pc Free Download


Dokapon Kingdom Wii Rom

This game is a lot more addicting than you would think! It's so fun that I can play for a good 2 or so hours before I stop for a while (when I have time anyway. That's just me though.). While playing with friends is the better choice, playing this alone is still pretty fun......just know that if you set the CPU(or AI) to Normal or Sneaky(Hard), there will be some pretty cheap moments. In other words, there will be times(not all the time though) when things seem to be going WAY too well for the AI and you'll notice it(It's my only gripe with the game and may be a turn off to some people, but don't let that discourage you! I recommend taking on a 'weak' CPU (any class) and a 'Normal' CPU (preferable a Magician) for your first go at Story mode(or any other mode) so you can learn how to play and feel like you have a good challenge at the same time.) Other than that, it's a pretty fair game. Also, this game has the title for 'Friendship Destroyer' and 'Confidence Destroyer'. If you thought Mario Party was bad enough with destroying friends, just wait till you play this (I would HIGHLY suggest to not value your friendship while you play with other people, just to be safe)! Lastly, like Mario Party, ANYTHING can go wrong for you in the blink of an eye! (Weber will cause a good chunk of them. Especially with the Darkling class, unless it's you that's getting it. Look it up and you'll see what I mean. Here's a tip though. If you're in last place and a small bat appear above your character's head, if you head to blue spot that's southeast of Dokapon Castle, you can sacrifice every thing you have[minus your equipment] to become the all-powerful and game changing Darkling for 14 in game days/turns[2 weeks in game] That or Weber will appear on a random space and give you a contract, which will warp you to that space. Warning: you MUST get there still being in last place and before 14 in game days/turns have passed) So watch yourself in this crazy, but really fun and addicting game! (If you need any more info, I would advise you to look it up. Trust me, it will help!)