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Deep Space Turtle Chase In Deep Space Turtle Chase you play Professor Tagonist (geddit?), who awakes from cryogenic stasis to track down and apprehend a criminal aboard a mining station. Jul 09, 2013  the Deep Space Turtle Chase! Mod directory-- this will be prefixed by '/DSTC' in the following instructions At the time of this writing, Minecraft version 1.4.7 is current. The following instructions assumes you're using a fresh 1.4.7 installation to begin with.

  1. Deep Space Turtle Chase Download
  2. Deep Space Turtle Chase Download

Deep Space Turtle Chase Download

Thanks for listening everyone! I'll have the second song from DSTC up soon. If you feel like it, follow me on twitter :D!/Aitren Happy travels!

Deep Space Turtle Chase Download


Comment by CurlyQue415

This is such a beautiful electronic tune! great to listen to!

Comment by Lithe Lutra

What an AWESOME adventure map! This track set the mood PERFECTLY! Amazing job! (It's sooo gooooood!) *dies*

Comment by WatersOfMars

@colethompson: Thar's what I thought when playing DSTC.


Comment by cole-thompson

@watersofmars: Portal 2 reference!

Comment by WatersOfMars

I'm in Spaceeeee!!!!