Consulting & Brand Idenity.

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Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness? What is the importance of brand awareness? 

Brand Awareness is the distinctive qualities of products or services, logos, images, or online brand of a business to your target consumer market. Being known to the consumer implements an identification that will build credibility to future customers/clients.

Strategic Planning

From crafting a strategic marketing plan to preparing a marketing audit, we evaluate how to successfully promote your business and identify growth opportunities. We conduct an independent study to affirm the direction of your marketing effort including a complete audit of all marketing materials, media profile, collateral materials, web-based materials and marketing strategy, assessment of client position and recommendation of appropriate direction in the form of a written marketing plan.

Market Research

Determining what, why and how your target audience buys your product or service is key in planning your future business goals. We can help by conducting objective market research to find the answers to the motivation, thought process and behavior behind the buying practices, needs and desires of your target audience.

Business Development

Have a business idea but unsure on how to get started… Cody Content Co. identifies, solves, and removes fundamental growth issues that hinder ambitious businesses. One of the main reasons companies fail is by ignoring challenges within Business Vitals, and allowing them to get out of control. The earlier intervention is sought, the less drastic the measures are, and more likely the business succeeds.

How We Work

We are flexible in the services we offer and the manner in which we partner with our clients. Our clients view the services we provide as an investment to help them stand out and above their competition and reach more potential customers.

  • Retained relationship. Working as an adjunct member of your staff, we provide specific services over a long-term partnership and within a predetermined budget to help promote and grow your business.
  • Project work. For one-time or shorter-term assignments, we take on projects that are defined in nature and scope and complete them within a specified period of time.
  • Hourly work. When you need immediate assistance, such as work overflow, we can supplement your current staff to help you successfully complete projects and programs without adding to your permanent overhead.
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