Apparel Design

We design a wide range of apparel products with expert consideration to function, style, and budget. We utilize our deep knowledge of the fashion industry and emerging trends, as well as our global network of factory and material vendors to help you navigate the most creative, efficient and cost effective ways to produce high quality products and sustain a successful brand.

Creating New Designs

We work with our customers in a variety of ways to develop unique t-shirt designs. If you don’t have a specific idea for your custom t-shirt design, that’s not a problem! We know your apparel project is unique and we want to get to know the details. It’s important for us to fully understand your project and apparel use so we can create t-shirt designs that reflect your style, your objective, your business, your brand, or your band.

Some of our work…

Whether its an event or you’re a clothing brand looking for a new designer we can help. We can also help consult and prepare a marketing stragedy for your upcoming or current clothing brand.

T-shirt Design Capabilities

Designing custom t-shirt graphics is different than designing for other print mediums. Our creative experience includes creating independent clothing label brands from the ground up, developing apparel lines, planning seasonal release concepts and designing and illustrating the individual t-shirt designs. Illustration can be added to any design project to maximize the originality. We know the capabilities of screen printing and how to create t-shirt designs to both maximize the design + print capabilities and our client’s budgets. There’s a lot of competition out there and our marketing experience can also help your brand blaze it’s own path forward.

Let’s build something together.

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