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Adobe Livecycle Designer Freeware Granite Data Services for Linux v.2.2.0 RC2 Granite Data Services (GDS) is a free, open source, alternative to Adobe LiveCycle (Flex 2) Data Services for J2EE application servers.

Form guides that contain custom components created by using Flex Builder generate ActionScript errors when the form guide is previewed in Guide Builder, or rendered by using LiveCycle ES. This issue only applies to Designer ES (8.2) included with Acrobat 9.0.

In order to preview or render a form guide, the version of the Flex SDK used to create the custom components in Flex Builder must match the version of the Flex SDK available in Designer ES and LiveCycle ES. Designer ES does not include the flex-sdk-description.xml file, which is used to identify the version of the Flex SDK that is available.

Adobe livecycle designer download for windows 10

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Copy the following XML source into a new, blank text file:

Save the file with the following file name and extension:

Adobe Livecycle Designer Download For Windows 10


Place the file in the Designer 8.2pluginsGuideBuilderflexsdk folder where Designer ES is installed. By default: C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 9.0Designer 8.2pluginsGuideBuilderflexsdk.

Compile your Flex Library Projects containing custom form guide components by using the Flex SDK 3.0.1, and then add the compiled SWC files to your form guide by using Guide Builder.

To compile a Flex Library Project using a specific version of the Flex SDK:

Adobe live cycle designer es 9.0 free download
  1. In the Flex Navigator view, right-click the Flex Library Project you want to compile and select Properties.
  2. Select Flex Library Compiler, and in the Flex SDK version section, click Configure Flex SDKs.
  3. Click Add, and then select the file location of the Flex SDK included with Designer ES, by default, C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 9.0Designer 8.2pluginsGuideBuilderflexsdk. Click OK to add the SDK to the list of Installed Flex SDKs.
  4. Ensure that the newly added Flex SDK is selected in the list of Installed Flex SDKs, and click OK.
  5. If your Flex Builder environment is not set to compile projects automatically, recompile your Flex Library Project by selecting Project > Build Project.

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For more information on adding custom form guide components to a form guide, see Customizing Form Guides Using Flex Builder.

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