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4K YouTube to MP3 3.3.10. Convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files in order to make them available offline or transfer them to other devices that don’t have access. Turn YouTube videos into MP3 files, fast and easy 4K YouTube to MP3 was specifically created for audio extraction from YouTube, VEVO, SoundCloud and Facebook in MP3, M4A, OGG. 4K YouTube to MP3 3.4.0 is an application that enables its users to extract audio from YouTube, Facebook, Video and similar services. All you have to do is copy the.


4K YouTube to MP3 + Portable + patch An easy-to-use program that is designed to download audio tracks from video files, works with YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. After the program finds the link in the buffer, it will automatically start the download, before that you can really choose the audio format in which you want to save the result, MP3, M4A or OGG, download 4K YouTube to MP3 below.There are at least minimum settings, Russian support is available, in general you just need to specify the output audio format, specify the folder where to store the result, and then the program will intercept the links, all good luck in the work!

Developer: OpenMedia
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi + Russian
Size: 69.45 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

Download 4K YouTube to MP3 + Portable + patch

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  • Previuos Versions:

    Posted by1 year ago

    Safe Video Downloaders - Open Source - 2018

    Got bored today, decided to make a list of safe, free video downloaders (tried all of them) since lot of people are asking for them nowadays.

    Some quick facts:

    • There are a lot of free of copyright videos out there (also you should check your copyright laws in your country before using a video downloader).

    • 99% of those programs are Open Source so nothing illegal is involved, no crapware or spyware.

    • All the the programs are listed in order of features.

    • And Yes, all of them are build around youtube-dl but not everyone loves CMD :)

    Best / Lightweight / Fastest / Freq Updated:

    • 3D Youtube Downloader - Proprietary, portable, plenty of options https://yd.3dyd.com/

    • YTD, Converter & Player - Open Source, standalone, no install required, lot of features https://sourceforge.net/projects/ytdconverterplayer/

    • youtube-dlG - Open Source, standalone, no install required, lot of features https://github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui/releases

    • Reel Downloader - Open Source, a youtube-dl and Aria2c wrapper which downloads virtually everything! Download magnet links, Torrents, audio, video download, Mp3, Mp4 convert. https://sourceforge.net/projects/reel-downloader/

    • Advanced Youtube Client - AYC - Open Source, console frontend for youtube-dl with additional tools like aria2c and FFmpeg added in the package for extra functionality and faster downloads. Download 8K, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p videos with audio, download MP3, M4A audio with Cover Art, playlist downloader, uses aria2c with parallel connections for faster download, very light on CPU Resources as it runs solely on CMD, automatic subtitle downloader. https://sourceforge.net/projects/advanced-youtube-client-ayc/

    • AlexxEG YouTube-Downloader - Open Source, support playlist downloading, convert videos to .mp3, automatically convert to .mp3 after download, xrop videos & .mp3 files https://github.com/AlexxEG/YouTube-Downloader

    Other simplified applications with less features:

    • JAYG - Just Another Youtube-dl GUI - Open Source, standalone, no install required, download audio, video, almost no settings, very easy to use. https://github.com/francescodedomenico/JAYG

    • Murrty youtube-dl-gui - Open Source, standalone, no install, requires youtube-dl + FFmpeg, download video, audio, cutom presets. https://github.com/murrty/youtube-dl-gui

    • S-Kyousuke youtube-dl-gui - Open Source, standalone, no install, download video, audio, automatic file conversion, very easy to use. The program can run multiple windows simultaneously. https://github.com/skyousuke/youtube-dl-gui

    • Wise YouTube Downloader - Proprietary, download only video, almost no features but very easy to use. http://www.wisevideosuite.com/wisevideodownloader.html

    • youtubeDLFrontEnd - Proprietary, standalone, no install required, requires youtube-dl, download only video https://cresstone.com/apps/youtubeDLFrontEnd/

    • DYM Download Tube Manager - Simplified youtube-dl GUI, proprietary, download and convert to audio all video formats. https://www.nextechnics.com/dym/

    • Hexotic YouTube Downloader - Proprietary, download audio, video, almost no settings, very easy to use. http://hexotic.net/software/ytdownloader/

    • YouTuber - Open Source, standalone, no install required, download video & YouTube playlists, almost no settings, very easy to use. https://github.com/Ma7moud3ly/youtuber

    • YouTubeDownloader - Open Source, download video, audio, requires FFmpeg https://github.com/CreateDownloader/YouTubeDownloader

    • Vitomu - Open Source, supports dropping URL's of Youtube videos, and dropping of local MKV and MP4 files. The output format is currently MP3, but more output options are planned for the next version. https://github.com/digimezzo/Vitomuhttps://www.digimezzo.com/content/software/vitomu/

    Other downloaders, 64-bit only (Sorry, I'm on 32-bit so can't try them):

    • Youtube-Downloader-GUIhttps://github.com/xylish7/Youtube-Downloader-GUI

    • GUI-YouGethttps://github.com/ingbyr/GUI-YouGet

    • Grabberhttps://github.com/Thomasedv/Grabber

    Other goodies:

    4k Youtube To Mp3 Download Torrent Free

    Desktop YT apps (watch / download videos without a browser):

    4k Youtube To Mp3 Download Torrent Download

    • x64 - https://github.com/FreeTubeApp/FreeTube

    • x64 - https://github.com/B-0-B-B-Y/desktop-youtube

    • x64 - https://github.com/CorbsEditor/YouTube-Desktop-App

    YT video editors (download & edit videos on desktop):

    4k Youtube To Mp3 Downloader

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